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South Dakota (605) 205-5124

Focusing on emerging trends in both commercial and transitional property, Christian specializes in small-scale development, government compliance, and real estate investment property. We have a multi-state presence with significant resources and partners abroad. Ready to talk about your next project? Give me a call, maybe there's a path forward.  

Born in Colorado, raised in South Dakota, Christian knows the meaning of a handshake. Hope to hear from you soon!  Christian 




People make choices every day. Providing for family, helping friends, or growing a business, we all hope our choices are good. Our family is from the west and we understand what a handshake means. We respect God, our country, and the land. Our core values drive our business and if we earn your trust and you choose us, we will work hard. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We like to think you're already friends we have yet to meet. God bless. Christian and Shana Morgan.

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